Single Photon Microscopy

Single Photon Microscopy - solid state defects, quantum dots, single molecules

How much time do you spend to develop, maintain and extend experiment control code to implement your new research ideas with single solid state defects, quantum dots or single molecules? Did you ever wish you could save time by having all signals from your setup captured by one single device and made available to you by a versatile and intuitive software engine?

Swabian’s Time Tagger Series enables you to capture not only all your single photons but also all your other signals such as triggers from microwave sources, fast switches, pulse pattern generators, piezo-scanners, etc. to implement the entire data acquisition for your quantum optics experiment with a single hardware with only few lines of code.

The figure below shows an example of a versatile and extendable scanning fluorescence microscopy system built around a single Time Tagger 20. This system enables you not only to measure photon anti-bunching and fluorescence lifetime / FLIM, you can use it in a straight forward fashion to acquire confocal images, electron spin resonance sweeps, pulsed electron spin resonance, and any combination of the latter. And even more: you can easily extend the system to super-resolution optical imaging e.g. using STED or PALM all just with one single Time Tagger 20. Such microscopy systems are used for research on defects in diamond and SiC, e.g. at the University of Stuttgart (Germany), University of Munich (Germany), University of Oxford (UK) and MIT (USA).

Simply hook up all your raw signals to the Time Tagger 20 and you are ready to perform a wealth of experiments.


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