Application Scientist

Igor Shavrin

“Swabian Instruments provides me with a supportive and friendly environment. It is a place where I can work on exciting projects and further develop my own skills.”

My story

When I first saw a job advertisement for an Application Scientist, I was surprised how much my skills and my interests were aligned with the job requirements. After my personal interview, I was sure to join this highly skilled and diligent team.

I always dreamed about a job where I can apply my knowledge, and work on a wide range of topics in science and industry. Swabian Instruments made this dream come true. Here, I lead the internal and external development projects which make use of our instruments.

Also, I am taking care of customer support and product documentation. Every day I see an immediate impact of my actions, whether it is the technical support or product development. It feels good to know that my contribution helps others to succeed in their endeavors.