Application Scientist

Mirco Kolarczik

“We push the standards for the usability of scientific instruments forward. It's satisfying to know that we enable the lab infrastructure of the future.”

My story

Coming from the field of non-linear optics, my first contact with Swabian Instruments was more or less by chance at a conference exhibition. I was captured by the strict commitment of the team for "software-defined data acquisition". That's something the science community needs today, and that's something I enjoy to contribute.

As scientists, we need to make use of the most recent technological developments. Computers assist us to create experiments that are much more complex than 30 years ago. Researchers need components that are easy to handle and to combine.

It's a pleasure to contribute to a device like the Time Tagger, that brings in all performance and flexibility you can expect from today's instrumentation. At Swabian Instruments, I help our customers to realize their ideas and to make the handling of the Time Tagger as comfortable as possible. I really enjoy the development of complex software projects, either for customers or for internal use. To see them grow is really fun.

I know my colleagues are people with different talents and they enjoy realizing ideas. Science, business, hardware, sales - they come up and start to build it, whether it is a device, a user interface, a marketing campaign or an improvement to our daily workflows. All of us are contributing to our common success.