Hardware Engineer

Tim Setzer

“I feel connected to my co-workers, they are open, they are interested and you can build trust.”

My story

I joined Swabian Instruments because I saw the chance to gain new skills due to the exciting startup environment, which allows me to participate in a broader area. I am in charge of developing the hardware of a future Swabian Instruments product: starting with ideas and concepts up to putting the final product into the production line.

I like to work on the concept of products, discuss the possible solutions and think out-of-the-box at the early stages. The next step is to find real-world solutions for the problems, which will later result in ordering a new PCB. And then a hopefully rewarding moment - put voltage on it.

What makes working at Swabian Instruments for me so special, is the fact that here every single decision matters. Everybody can have a big impact on the future of the whole company. And I appreciate the team spirit and the positive attitude all team members show on a daily basis.