Application Notes

Swabian Instruments    
Remote Synchronization of Time Taggers
相关产品: Time Tagger X
KTH Royal Institute of Technology     Swabian Instruments    
Picosecond‐Accurate Stable Measurement of Correlated Signals with Two Time Taggers Over a Distance of 13 Kilometers
相关产品: Time Tagger Ultra
Seven Solutions     Swabian Instruments    
Measuring the Timing Accuracy and Jitter of 1PPS Signals in White Rabbit Applications
相关产品: Time Tagger Ultra
Sparrow Quantum     Montana Instruments     Swabian Instruments    
Integration of the Sparrow Quantum Single-Photon Chip with the Montana Instruments Cryo-Optic X-Plane System
相关产品: Time Tagger 20
Single Quantum     Swabian Instruments    
Time-Correlated Single-Photon Counting with Single Quantum EOS SNSPD System
相关产品: Time Tagger Ultra
KETEK     Swabian Instruments    
Characterization of Silicon Photomultipliers
相关产品: Time Tagger Ultra
SCONTEL     Swabian Instruments    
Single‐Photon Random Sampling of Optical Signals
Université de Sherbrooke     Swabian Instruments    
Two-Photon Timing Resolution of Record‐Breaking Low-Jitter SPADs Measured by Time Tagger Ultra High-Res
相关产品: Time Tagger Ultra


Knaut, C.M., Suleymanzade, A., Wei, YC. et al.
Entanglement of nanophotonic quantum memory nodes in a telecom network
相关产品: Time Tagger
Li, W., Zhang, L., Tan, H. et al.
High-rate quantum key distribution exceeding 110 Mb s–1
相关产品: Time Tagger Ultra
H. Har-Gil, L. Golgher, D. Kain, P. Blinder
Versatile software and hardware combo enabling photon counting acquisition and real-time display for multiplexing, 2D and continuous 3D two-photon imaging applications
相关产品: Time Tagger Ultra
K. Sulimany, Y. Bromberg
All-fiber source and sorter for multimode correlated photons
相关产品: Time Tagger 20
A. Zanetta, Z. Andaji-Garmaroudi, V. Pirota, G. Pica, F.U. Kosasih, L. Gouda, K. Frohna, C. Ducati, F. Doria, S.D. Stranks, G. Grancini
Manipulating Color Emission in 2D Hybrid Perovskites by Fine Tuning Halide Segregation: A Transparent Green Emitter
相关产品: Time Tagger 20
J. Meinel, V. Vorobyov, P. Wang, B. Yavkin, M. Pfender, H. Sumiya, S. Onoda, J. Isoya, R.-B. Liu, J. Wrachtrup
Quantum Nonlinear Spectroscopy of Single Nuclear Spins
相关产品: Time Tagger 20
S. Kolatschek, C. Nawrath, S. Bauer, J. Huang, J. Fischer, R. Sitting, M. Jetter, S. L. Portalupi, P. Michler
Bright Purcell Enhanced Single-Photon Source in the Telecom O-Band Based on a Quantum Dot in a Circular Bragg Grating
相关产品: Time Tagger Ultra
K. G. Fehler, L. Antoniuk, N. Lettner, A. P. Ovvyan, R. Waltrich, N. Gruhler, V. A. Davydov, V. N. Agafonov, W. H. P. Pernice, A. Kubanek
Hybrid Quantum Photonics Based on Artificial Atoms Placed Inside One Hole of a Photonic Crystal Cavity
相关产品: Time Tagger Ultra
S. Signorini, M. Sanna, S. Piccione, M. Ghulinyan, P. Tidemand-Lichtenberg, C. Pedersen, L. Pavesi
A Silicon Source of Heralded Single Photons at 2 μm
相关产品: Time Tagger 20
O. Davidson, R. Finkelstein, E. Poem, O. Firstenberg
Bright Multiplexed Source of Indistinguishable Single Photons with Tunable GHz-Bandwidth at Room Temperature
相关产品: Time Tagger Ultra
S. De, J. Gil-Lopez, B. Brecht, C. Silberhorn, L. L. Sanchez-Soto, Z. Hradil, J. Rehacek
Effects of Coherence on Temporal Resolution
相关产品: Time Tagger Ultra
F. Böhm, N. Nikolay, S. Neinert, C. E. Nebel, O. Benson
Ground-State Microwave-Stimulated Raman Transitions and Adiabatic Spin Transfer in the 15N Nitrogen Vacancy Center
相关产品: Pulse Streamer 8/2
Y. Uemura, M. Irita, Y. Homma, M. Sadgrove
Probing Local Density of States near the Diffraction Limit Using Nanowaveguide Coupled Cathode Luminescence
相关产品: Time Tagger 20
X. Liu, J. Hu, Z.-F. Li, X. Li, P.-Y. Li, P.-J. Liang, Z.-Q. Zhou, C.-F. Li & G.-C. Guo
Heralded Entanglement Distribution between Two Absorptive Quantum Memories
相关产品: Time Tagger 20
R. Debroux, C. P. Michaels, C. M. Purser, N. Wan, M. E. Trusheim, J. A. Martínez, R. A. Parker, A. M. Stramma, K. C. Chen, L. de Santis, E. M. Alexeev, A. C. Ferrari, D. Englund, D. A. Gangloff, M. Atatüre
Quantum Control of the Tin-Vacancy Spin Qubit in Diamond
相关产品: Time Tagger 20
S. White, C. Stewart, A. S. Solntsev, C. Li, M. Toth, M. Kianinia, I. Aharonovich
Phonon Dephasing and Spectral Diffusion of Quantum Emitters in Hexagonal Boron Nitride
相关产品: Time Tagger 20
J. Meinel, V. Vorobyov, B. Yavkin, D. Dasari, H. Sumiya, S. Onoda, J. Isoya, J. Wrachtrup
Heterodyne Sensing of Microwaves with a Quantum Sensor
相关产品: Time Tagger 20
T. Santiago-Cruz, A. Fedotova, V. Sultanov, M. A. Weissflog, D. Arslan, M. Younesi, T. Pertsch, I. Staude, F. Setzpfandt, M. V. Chekhova
Spontaneous Parametric Down-Conversion from Resonant Metasurfaces
相关产品: Time Tagger 20
K. Samimi, E. Contreras Guzman, S. M. Trier, D. L. Pham, T. Qian, M. C. Skala
Time-Domain Single Photon-Excited Autofluorescence Lifetime for Label-Free Detection of T Cell Activation
相关产品: Time Tagger Ultra
D. B. Northeast, J. F. Weber, D. Dalacu, J. Phoenix, P. J. Poole, G. Aers, J. Lapointe, R. L. Williams
Optical Fibre-Based (Plug-and-Play) Single Photon Source Using InAsP Quantum Dot Nanowires and Gradient-Index Llens Collection
相关产品: Time Tagger 20
C. Schimpf, M. Reindl, D. Huber, B. Lehner, S. F. Covre Da Silva, S. Manna, M. Vyvlecka, P. Walther, A. Rastelli
Quantum Cryptography with Highly Entangled Photons from Semiconductor Quantum Dots
相关产品: Time Tagger 20
S. P. Neumann, T. Scheidl, M. Selimovic, M. Pivoluska, B. Liu, M. Bohmann, R. Ursin
A Model for Optimizing Quantum Key Distribution with Continuous-Wave Pumped Entangled-Photon Sources
相关产品: Time Tagger Ultra
T. M. Rambo, A. R. Conover, A. J. Miller
16-Element Superconducting Nanowire Single-Photon Detector for Gigahertz Counting at 1550-nm
相关产品: Time Tagger Ultra
E. Lomonte, M. A. Wolff, F. Beutel, S. Ferrari, C. Schuck, W. H.P. Pernice, F. Lenzini
Single-Photon Detection and Cryogenic Reconfigurability in Lithium Niobate Nanophotonic Circuits
相关产品: Time Tagger Ultra
E. Ortega, K. Dovzhik, J. Fuenzalida, S. Wengerowsky, J. C. Alvarado-Zacarias, R. F. Shiozaki, R. Amezcua-Correa, M. Bohmann, R. Ursin
Experimental Space-Division Multiplexed Polarization Entanglement Distribution through a 19-Path Multicore Fiber
相关产品: Time Tagger Ultra
M. A. Guidry, D. M. Lukin, K. Y. Yang, R. Trivedi, J. Vučković
Quantum Optics of Soliton Microcombs
相关产品: Time Tagger Ultra
L. Achatz, E. Ortega, K. Dovzhik, R. F. Shiozaki, J. Fuenzalida, S. Wengerowsky, M. Bohmann, R. Ursin
High-Dimensional EPR Entanglement from a SPDC Source at Telecom Wavelength
相关产品: Time Tagger Ultra
S. J. U. White, F. Klauck, T. T. Tran, N. Schmitt, M. Kianinia, A. Steinfurth, M. Heinrich, M. Toth, A. Szameit, I. Aharonovich, A. Solntsev
Quantum Random Number Generation on a Photonic Chip Using Single Photons from Hexagonal Boron Nitride
相关产品: Time Tagger Ultra
S. L. Bayliss, D. W. Laorenza, P. J. Mintun, B. D. Kovos, D. E. Freedman, D. D. Awschalom
Optically Addressable Molecular Spins for Quantum Information Processing
相关产品: Time Tagger 20
T. Schapeler, J. P. Höpker, T. J. Bartley
Quantum Detector Tomography of a 2×2 Multi-Pixel Array of Superconducting Nanowire Single Photon Detectors
相关产品: Time Tagger Ultra
J. E. Fröch, A. Bahm, M. Kianinia, Z. Mu, V. Bhatia, S. Kim, J. M. Cairney, W. Gao, C. Bradac, I. Aharonovich, M. Toth
Versatile Direct-Writing of Dopants in a Solid State Host Through Recoil Implantation
相关产品: Time Tagger 20
M. Hollenbach, Y. Berencén, U. Kentsch, M. Helm, G. V. Astakhov
Engineering Telecom Single-Photon Emitters in Silicon for Scalable Quantum Photonics
相关产品: Time Tagger 20
N. Morioka, C. Babin, R. Nagy, I. Gediz, E. Hesselmeier, D. Liu, M. Joliffe, M. Niethammer, D. Dasari, V. Vorobyov, R. Kolesov, R. Stöhr, J. Ul-Hassan, N. T. Son, T. Ohshima, P. Udvarhelyi, G. Thiering, A. Gali, J. Wrachtrup, F. Kaiser
Spin-Controlled Generation of Indistinguishable and Distinguishable Photons from Silicon Vacancy Centres in Silicon Carbide
相关产品: Time Tagger 20
C. Okoth, A. Cavanna, T. Santiago-Cruz, M. V. Chekhova
Microscale Generation of Entangled Photons without Momentum Conservation
相关产品: Time Tagger 20
J. Cui, Y. E. Panfil, S. Koley, D. Shamalia, N. Waiskopf, S. Remennik, I. Popov, M. Oded, U. Banin
Colloidal Quantum Dot Molecules Manifesting Quantum Coupling at Room Temperature
相关产品: Time Tagger 20
X. Chen, J. N. Greiner, J. Wrachtrup, I. Gerhardt
Single Photon Randomness based on a Defect Center in Diamond
相关产品: Time Tagger 20
L. Xin, M. Lu, S. Both, M. Pfeiffer, M. J. Urban, C. Zhou, H. Yan, T. Weiss, N. Liu, K. Lindfors
Watching a Single Fluorophore Molecule Walk into a Plasmonic Hotspot
相关产品: Time Tagger 20
M. Castello, G. Tortarolo, M. Buttafava, T. Deguchi, F. Villa, S. Koho, L. Pesce, M. Oneto, S. Pelicci, L. Lanzanó, P. Bianchini, C. J. R. Sheppard, A. Diaspro, A. Tosi, G. Vicidomini
A Robust and Versatile Platform for Image Scanning Microscopy Enabling Super-Resolution FLIM
相关产品: Time Tagger 20
W. Guerin, J.-P. Rivet, M. Fouché, G. Labeyrie, D. Vernet, F. Vakili, R. Kaiser
Spatial Intensity Interferometry on Three Bright Stars
相关产品: Time Tagger Ultra
H. Fedder, S. Oesterwind, M. Wick, I. Shavrin, M. Schlagmüller, F. Olbrich, P. Michler, T. Veigel, M. Berroth, N. Walter, W. Hartmann, W. Pernice, V. Kovalyuk
Characterization of Electro-Optical Devices with Low Jitter Single Photon Detectors – Towards an Optical Sampling Oscilloscope Beyond 100 GHz
相关产品: Time Tagger Ultra
H. Gorniaczyk, C. Tresp, J. Schmidt, H. Fedder, S. Hofferberth
Single-Photon Transistor Mediated by Interstate Rydberg Interactions
相关产品: Time Tagger 20
J. Tisler, T. Oeckinghaus, R. Stöhr, R. Kolesov, F. Reinhard, J. Wrachtrup
Single Defect Center Scanning Near-Field Optical Microscopy on Graphene
相关产品: Time Tagger 20


Started by Igor Shavrin at Swabian Instruments
Time Tagger RPC implementation using Pyro5.
相关产品: Time Tagger
Started by Hagai Har-Gil at Pablo Blinder's group, Tel-Aviv University
Real-time rendering of photon streams in 2D and 3D arriving from a Time Tagger
相关产品: Time Tagger Ultra
Started by Emmanuel Contreras at Melissa Skala's group, Morgridge Institute for Research
Time-domain single photon-excited autofluorescence lifetime for label-free detection of T cell activation
相关产品: Time Tagger Ultra
Started at Jörg Wrachtrup's group, University of Stuttgart
A Python toolkit for confocal scanning, anti-bunching, FLIM, pulsed ODMR / NMR, and more sophisticated quantum physics experiments, typically performed with NV centers in diamond.
Started at Fedor Jelezko's group, University of Ulm
A suite of tools for operating multi-instrument and multi-computer laboratory experiments.

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