Pulse Streamer 8/2 - Software

我们建议将Pulse Streamer与我们最新的客户端软件一起使用,该客户端软件为Python(也可通过PyPI提供),Matlab和LabVIEW提供,包括编程示例。 此外,还有一个简单的Windows图形用户界面。

Pulse Streamer 1.7

Release Notes

Pulse Streamer Application
01 Jun 2023
Python Client
01 Jun 2023
Matlab Client
01 Jun 2023
LabView Client
01 Jun 2023
Programming Examples
01 Sep 2021

Pulse Streamer 8/2 - Firmware update

We recommend continuously updating all devices to our latest Pulse Streamer 8/2 firmware (currently v1.7.2/June 2023). The Pulse Streamer Application will inform you about available updates and guide you through the firmware update process. In case you need to update a device located in a network without internet access, please manually download the updater file before performing the firmware update in the Pulse Streamer Application.

NOTE: To be compatible with our most recent software and thereby with our GUI-updater, your device needs to operate with at least firmware version v1.0.1 (November 2018). If your device is not equipped with firmware v1.0.1 or later, please contact support@swabianinstruments.come. We will provide a customized firmware update for you.