Swabian Summer School


We are excited to announce our first edition of the Swabian Summer School! This 3-day workshop is designed to bring together Masters in their last year and PhD students for an intensive program on theoretical and practical aspects of digital signal processing for photonics and quantum technologies.

The Summer School program will include expert lectures on various related topics in the mornings, followed by hands-on and experimental sessions in the afternoons. We prepare exciting social events and networking opportunities to inspire open discussion and chat with the entire Swabian Instruments community. Participants will have the chance to present their own research, foster connections, and exchange new ideas.

Do not miss your chance to level up your skills and meet with a dynamic time-tagging community!


Detailed information about the program will follow soon!

General information

The Summer School will take place from September 24th to September 27th at the headquarter of Swabian Instruments in Zuffenhausen, Stuttgart. Swabian Instruments will cover the accommodation costs for all participants for three nights of the event. Tasty breakfasts and lunches will be provided as well. On the first day, there will be a welcome event enabling participants to get to know each other and the Swabian community.

How to apply

If you are looking forward to improving your understanding of digital signal processing and spending three exciting days with the experts from Swabian Instruments, submit your CV and a cover letter via email. The application deadline is 31.05.2024. A limited number of participants will be chosen from the applicants.

Edoardo Mornacchi