Swabian Instruments meets city leaders

| on 29 November 2023

Last week, our team met with the Mayor of Stuttgart, Dr. Nopper, and former Minister-President of Baden-Württemberg Mr. Oettinger, at the Center for Applied Quantum Technology (ZAQ) in Stuttgart.

Swabian Instruments was one of the few Stuttgart companies selected to present its latest achievements in the field of quantum technology. We were delighted to showcase our latest time-to-digital converter, Time Tagger X, enabling researchers all over the world to perform single photon counting experiments with picosecond resolution. Our technology is widely used in a variety of fields, such as quantum computing or quantum communication.

During this dynamic meeting, representatives from various quantum start-ups, such as Quantum Brilliance and Advanced Quantum GmbH shared their insights, ideas, and visions. As discussions unfolded, it became evident that quantum research aligns with the city’s objectives. Positive feedback and meaningful discussions paved the way for future collaborations.

Photo taken by S. Hirschmann, 3. Physik. Institut, Stuttgart (21.11.2023)