Record-breaking timing resolution with single photons

by Igor Shavrin | on 30 January 2019

Record-breaking timing resolution with single photons - Swabian Instruments

Time-correlated single-photon counting (TCSPC) is a measurement technique based on the detection of single photons and the measurement of their arrival time with high time resolution.

Swabian Instruments together with Single Quantum demonstrated a commercially available TCSPC setup with a record-breaking low timing jitter. This measured correlation of a full two-photon coincidence with two detectors results in a total jitter of 7.6 ps RMS (18 ps FWHM) using a Single Quantum Eos SNSPD system and a pre-release unit of the new Swabian Instruments Time Tagger Ultra HighRes.

More technical details are available in our Application note (PDF).

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