Advanced clocking and synchronization

The Swabian Instruments' Synchronizer enables you to run large scale applications with up to 144 input channels. With the Synchronizer, you can merge your Time Tagger Ultra units into one single device, whereby their full timing resolution is maintained. The time tag streams from the individual units are merged automatically such that you can take full advantage of the Time Tagger's powerful software engine.

up to
Time Tagger Ultra
up to
100 M tags/s
unified data rate
0.8 ppb
clock drift over 24h
Build large scale Time Taggers.

Swabian Instruments' Synchronizer is used in leading edge photonic quantum computing labs around the globe to build large scale Time Taggers for high order coincidence counting, typically processing the single photon events from arrays of superconducting nanowire single photon detectors. Its unique processing capabilities enable you to process hundreds of coincidence rates on the fly, with just a few lines of code.


Synchronize up to 8 Time Tagger Ultra

The Synchronizer provides 8 sets of synchronization outputs that are compatible with all Time Tagger Ultra models.

No compromise on timing resolution

The jitter introduced by the Synchronizer is way below the timing resolution of a Time Tagger Ultra HiRes, so you will not suffer a loss of performance when you use the Synchronizer.

Ultra stable reference clock

The Synchronizer is equipped with the latest Si-MEMS clocking technology, providing less than 0.8 ppb clock drift over 24h and relative clock accuracy.

Flexible reference clock inputs and outputs

You can lock your Synchronizer to an external 10 MHz reference clock or lock other instruments to its ultra-stable clock using its clock output.

Your Time Taggers become a single instrument

Synchronized Time Taggers are represented by a single device in the software engine and you can use all the processing features on this single device. In your code, you will barely notice that you control a complete network of Time Taggers.

on-the-fly processing up to 100 Mtags/s

Swabian Instruments' powerful software engine enables you to merge and process time tag streams from multiple Time Tagger Ultra on-the-fly with a total data rate up to 100 Mtags/s, providing industry-leading processing capabilities.


initial tolerance±500 ppb
temperature drift±0.2 ppb/°C
24h aging±0.8 ppb
1 year aging±150 ppb
Synchronization output
sync frequency500 MHz
couplingAC, 50 Ω
amplitude800 mVpp
Clock output
frequency10 MHz
couplingAC, 50 Ω
amplitude1 Vpp
Clock input
frequency10 MHz
input couplingAC, 50 Ω
Min. amplitude1 Vpp
Max. amplitude5 Vpp
General Parameters
Size (L x W x H) in mm192 x 131 x 66