Pulse Streamer 8/2 firmware update

Main benefits firmware update v0.9 -> v1.2.0:

  • stream fully arbitrary patterns on all channels without any bandwidth restrictions (no underflows any more)
  • improved examples for Python, Matlab, and LabVIEW
  • automatic rearm in hardware trigger mode

Main benefits firmware update v0.9/v1.1.x -> v1.2.0:

  • easy to use network device discovery functionality
  • increased sequence upload performance
  • reduced trigger pulse width and increased retrigger frequency

UPDATE v0.9 -> v1.2.0 IS NOT FULLY BACKWARDS COMPATIBLE: If you are using a device with firmware V0.9, you have to update your programs to the new API. Please check the migration document API_migration.pdf before you apply the update.

Update process consists of two stages: firmware update and license file installation. In case a v1.0.x or later firmware version is running on your Pulse Streamer, no additional license file installation is needed after the update to firmware v1.2.0.

Please download the zip file with the firmware updater.

IMPORTANT: If you are using a device with firmware V0.9, the following update process works only in case you have not modified the initial network configuration and you are connected to the device via DHCP. In case it has been changed by editing


on the device itself or you can’t use DHCP, please contact Swabian Instruments before the update.

If you need any further assistance during the update process, please contact support -at- swabianinstruments -dot- com.

Update procedure

  1. Unzip downloaded archive for example to c:\pulsestreamer
  2. Start windows shell (press Windows+R, type cmd and hit Enter)
  3. In the Windows shell select the folder with the update files
        > cd c:\pulsestreamer
  1. Run the update script with hostname or IP address as parameter

        > update_system.bat pulsestreamer

    or in case the IP address should be used

        > update_system.bat IP_ADDRESS

    where IP_ADDRESS is the address of the Pulse Streamer, e.g.


    With license file installation:

  2. At the end of the update process the serial number and MAC addresses will be shown on the command window, which will look similar to shown below

  3. Copy the serial and MAC address lines and send them via email to our support team support -at- swabianinstruments -dot- com. We will provide the licence key within 24h via email.

  4. After receiving the license file you need to copy it to your folder with the update files and install it by running

        > install_lic.bat

    Enjoy improved functionality of the Pulse Streamer! Download the new examples for the new firmware version, which are provided with the installer, as well as simple graphical user interface for the downloads page.