Pulse Streamer 8/2

The Pulse Streamer 8/2 is a synchronous digital and analog arbitrary waveform generator with 8 digital and 2 analog output channels. It comes with a powerful user interface that allows you to define complex pulse sequences and arbitrary waveforms efficiently.

Key features

  • 8x digital output (1 GSa/s)
  • 2x analog output (125 MSa/s, -3 db @ 50 MHz)
  • synchronous digital and analog output
  • efficiently define complex pulse patterns
  • super fast device upload
  • benefit from a large memory, 1 M pulses
  • repeat modes 1, N, infinite


Benefit from Pulse Streamer 8/2 for you advanced research and industry applications

  • pulsed ESR / NMR / MRI
  • cold atoms, EIT, Rydberg atoms
  • cold ions and ion trap quantum computing
  • quantum dots
  • solid state quantum optics


Digital Output
Output channels8x SMA
Sampling rate1 GSa/s
Output Voltage3V into 50 Ω
Rise and fall time<2 ns
Analog Output
Output channels2x SMA
Sampling rate125 MSa/s (-3 db @ 50 MHz)
Output voltage-1 to 1 V into 50 Ω
Pattern Generation
Max. pattern length1 M pulses
Repeat modes1, N, infinite
Trigger modesexternal, internal
General Parameters
Dimensions185x145x65 mm