Time Tagger Series

Swabian Instruments’ Time Tagger Series are streaming time-to-digital converters and logic analyzers designed for Time-Correlated Single-Photon Counting (TCSPC), time-interval counting, coincidence counting and much more. Their powerful software engine makes them the preferred choice for demanding applications including time-resolved single molecule microscopy, fluorescence correlation spectroscopy, quantum physics with single photons and precision time protocol (PTP) analysis.

Key hardware features

  • time resolution down to 3 ps (RMS jitter)
  • minimum bin width of 1 ps
  • 8 or 18 fully equivalent input channels, up to 144 in sync mode
  • detect rising and falling edges
  • provides a built-in logic analyzer
  • supports all common SPADs, PMTs, and SNSPDs

Key software features

  • auto-correlation, cross-correlation, multiple-start-multiple-stop histograms
  • run various measurements simultaneously
  • implement your research ideas in no time: benefit from virtual channels, such as sums and coincidences
  • work with a modern web-application, native libraries in Python, Matlab, LabVIEW, C++, C#, .NET, and Mathematica
  • supported operating systems: Windows 7 & 10, Linux (Cent OS and Ubuntu)


Benefit from Swabian Instruments’ Time Tagger Series for your cutting edge research.

  • time-correlated photon counting (TCSPC)
  • fluorescence lifetime imaging (FLIM)
  • Single photon microscopy – solid-state defects, quantum dots, single molecules
  • linear optics quantum computing and optical quantum circuits
  • super-resolution microscopy – STED, PALM, and STORM
  • cold atoms, EIT, Rydberg atoms
  • cold ions and ion trap quantum computing

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